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Chancery Court Jurisdiction

Chancery Court exercises inherent jurisdiction in the following cases for all actions:

  • Resulting from accidents and mistakes;
  • Resulting from frauds, actual and constructive;
  • Resulting from trusts, express, constructive and resulting;
  • For the specific performance of contracts;
  • For the reformation, re-execution, rescission and surrender of written instruments;
  • For an accounting and for surcharging and falsifying accounts;
  • Between partners and to wind up an insolvent partnership;
  • For the administration and marshaling of assets;
  • Actions for subrogation and substitution;
  • For the enforcement of liens created by mortgages, deeds of trust, sales of land on credit or other equitable consideration;
  • Against minors in reference to their estates, not cognizable at law;
  • By wards against guardians, executors, administrators and others, where an accounting or surcharging of falsifying an account, is necessary;
  • For an apportionment and contribution;
  • For the marshaling of securities;
  • For relief against forfeitures and penalties;
  • For redemption of land or other property;
  • To have absolute deeds or bills of sale declared to be mortgages;
  • For the construction and enforcement of wills and trusts;
  • To obtain a set-off against a judgment in favor of a nonresident or insolvent;
  • The discovery and perpetuation of testimony;
  • To compel claimants to interplead;
  • For equitable attachments and receivers;
  • Where a ne exeat republica is sought;
  • Where an injunction is a substantial part of the relief sought;
  • To remove clouds and quiet titles;
  • For the establishment and execution of charities;
  • For a new trial after a judgment at law;
  • To have void judgments so declared and to avoid voidable judgments;
  • To execute decrees and to impeach decrees and judgments;
  • To prevent the doing of an illegal or inequitable act to the injury of plaintiff’s property rights or interests, quia timet;
  • For the exoneration or protection of sureties;
  • Actions where the defendant has done or is doing or is threatening to do, some inequitable act to the injury of the plaintiff and there is no adequate remedy in any other court
View addional jurisdiction increases to encompass specific actions.